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About Ovid Group

Since its establishment in 2013, Ovid Group has transcended its brick-and-mortar roots to become a multi-faceted force shaping Africa’s built environment. We are more than just builders; we are a diverse ecosystem encompassing construction, real estate, IT solutions, trade, manufacturing, consulting, and venture capital. This unique synergy allows us to address the intricate challenges faced by developing nations, not just with individual solutions but with holistic strategies.

Licensed as a G-1 Design & Build company, Ovid boasts a footprint across Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Kenya, empowered by over 4,500 skilled professionals. We haven’t just followed; we’ve led. We were the first to introduce game-changing innovations like Ready-Mix concrete, Light Gauge Steel, and K Span, forever altering the construction landscape by setting unprecedented standards for efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

With each project, we don’t merely construct buildings; we build dreams, communities, and a brighter future for Africa. We are driven by a relentless pursuit of progress, constantly seeking new ways to push the boundaries of innovation and empower local economies. Join us on this transformative journey, and let’s shape the Africa of tomorrow together.

Our Mission

To build a better Ethiopia by deliver in high-quality infrastructure and housing projects that meet our customer's needs and exceed expectations.

Our Vision

To be the leading construction and development company in Ethiopia, driving sustainable, innovative, and customer-focused practices.

Our Values

Passionate & Impactful

We love construction and build for a brighter future.

Reliable & Exceeding Expectations

We deliver on promises and surpass needs.

Innovation & Progress

We push boundaries with cutting-edge solutions.

Collaborative & United

We thrive on teamwork and shared success.


We build responsibly for a healthy planet.


Explore our extensive collection of accolades and recognitions, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Ethiopia highly appreciates your company’s contribution to the success of “Ethiopian Week” Exhibition and Festival.

CEO’S message

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Adam Smith
Chief Executive Officer
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